maru_41.gif 2004

Netizen Participation in Internet Governance (19 May 2004)

maru_41.gif 2002

An interview with Izumi Aizu was published in WSIS Newsletter No.2 (July 2002)

    "The multi-stakeholder approach of the DOT Force
    - a view from an NGO/NPO (Not-for-Profit Organization) participant"

    WSIS, World Summit on Information Society, will be held in December 2003
    in Geneva and in 2005 in Tunisia. Izumi is involved with the NGP/NPO
    preparation process as a GLOCOM team member.

    5 August 2002

Broadband in Asia - A Discussion Paper

"Downsize" ICANN - a personal proposal submitted to ICANN

    Evolution and Reform Committee 29 April 2002

Statement: We strongly oppose Lynn's proposals for changing the ICANN governance structures.

    11 March 2002

maru_41.gif 2000

Ensuring a Truly Global Policy-Making Process

    An article for On The Internet newsletter by Internet Society July 2000

Why Asians Should Join The Domain-Name Fray

    Technology Journal Asia
    February 28, 2000

maru_41.gif 1999

Some Lessons from Kobe Earthquake

    Presentation at Internet Workshop, Sep 23,
    Taipei, Taiwan, right after the earthquake

Internet Trends in Japan: The Internet Explosion

    Article written in August 2 1996.
    Now Updated! July 28 1999

Presentation on Internet and Y2K at APEC Y2K Symposium

maru_41.gif 1998

Link to Internet Y2K Campaign: [http://www.nety2k.org]


Internet in Japan

    Report draft submitted to PAN (Pan Asia Networking)

Internet Governance: How to Manage Internet - Globally?

    Paper Presented at ASOCI '98 Conference in Kuala Lumpur
    Nov. 26, 1998

Internet in Japan

ITS 98 Paper at International Telecommunications Society Conference 98.6.18

PR on White Paper from APIA  98.6.16

ITS 98 Paper

    International Telecommunications Society Conference
    June 1998

PR on White Paper

    Asia & Pacific Internet Association APIA
    June 15, 1998

My Comments on

Internet Governance: How to Manage Internet - Globally?

    Paper Presented at ASOCI '98 Conference in K.L. Green Paper
    to NTIA (Final, Mar 23, 1998)

maru_41.gif 1993 - 1997

Social, legal and policy issues around Internet in Asia

    for PAN ( Pan Asia Networking ) Meeting (1997.6.10)

Evolutionary Network

    Development of Japan's Computer Networking
    Keynote Speech Prepared for
    Japan - Germany Information Technology Forum
    November 8, 1994

Not problems, opportunities

    An interview with the president of
    Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, Masashi Kojima.
    Originally appeared in WIRED magazine, Dec.1994

Building Japan's Information Infrastructure

    Create new user demands
    through innovation that brings 'increasing return'
    Original Japanese article appeared in Nihon Keizai Shimbun (1993.4.16)

10 YEARS AFTER for ENA Netweaver

    Essay contributed to the Netweaver Page,
    an online newsletter published by ENA
    (Electronic Networking Association)

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