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Asia & Pacific Internet Association (APIA) welcomes the Policy Statement of the US Government regarding Internet Domain Name and Address administration, especially the proposal to form a new, private, not-for-profit international corporation, the effort to ensure global representation and to accommodate other jurisdictions.

15 June 1998, Singapore - Asia and Pacific Internet Association (APIA) welcomed the new announcement on 5th of June 1998 of the Statement of Policy of the US Government titled "Management of Internet Names and Addresses". APIA in particular recognizes the formation of a private, international corporation to ensure private-sector-driven governance, the effort to ensure global representation in the formation of the Board of the "New Corporation," and the accommodations of other jurisdictions than that of the US. Furthermore, APIA applauds the efforts of the US Government in seeking the best use of the .us domain towards its commercial uses.

APIA recognizes that the Policy Statement reflects many issues raised by the AP region Internet community, especially those voiced by APIA. APIA has filed its response to the Notice of Inquiry by Department of Commerce on DNS Management in August 1997, and its comments on the "Green Paper" on Technical Management of Internet Domain Names and Addresses by Department of Commerce of the US Government in March 1998.

APIA has noted several concerns in its comments, which include the legitimacy on the trademark dispute resolution mechanisms, the issue of proper regional representation in setting out new policy and the need for private sector leadership. APIA recognizes that most of these issues are adequately reflected in the Policy Statement, though there are a few issues that remain to be seen in the process of realization.

"The Policy Statement seems to have tried to balance between the stability of the Internet and the imposing of transparent, private-sector-driven, and globally-represented administration of the domain names, " says Dr. Jin Ho Hur, Chair of the Board of APIA. Dr. Hur continues, "The Policy Statement has recognized the past and on-going self-regulating efforts of the Internet community, has left more issues to be decided by the "New Corporation" which will allow more private-sector-driven policy decisions, and has put considerable emphases on the global representations and the accommodations for jurisdictions other than that of the US. Though not all the issues concerning the AP Internet community have been fully addressed, APIA recognizes that the Policy Statement has a reasonable balance between the stability of Internet and the regional representation. These policies would help the development of sustainable administrative structure for domain names, and in a longer term, a sustainable Internet governance."

Mr. Izumi Aizu, Secretary General of APIA says"The White Paper offers more opportunity for our region to participate in the process of global governance of the Internet. We appreciate Mr. Ira Magaziner and his staff's efforts including his participation to our open meeting held in February this year in Manila. We also would like to mention that so many people in this region seriously tried to take part the process to offset so called "US-centricism". Now, APIA is willing to support the formation of the "New Corporation" to secure that our voices from the region will be adequately incorporated; APIA is ready to represent the commercial Internet community in Asia Pacific region towards fair, sustainable, and open governance structure. It's time to move things forward."


Asia & Pacific Internet Association (APIA) is a trade association dedicated to promote the business interest of the Internet-related service industry in Asia Pacific region. APIA was founded in May 1997 based on the discussions and activities of a few leaders of the AP-region Internet industry, who have taken the leading role in the early stage development of the AP-region Internet industry. APIA has members from all over the world, not limited to the AP-region, that share the mission of APIA. APIA has grown from a fledging organization in May 1997, to having about 32 members and six founding members which are Inet Inc. of Korea, Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems, Ascend Communications, NTT of Japan, and Hong Kong Telecommunications. APIA now focuses mostly on the policy and regulatory issues and the industry issues with regard to a better environment for the AP-region Internet industry.

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