Asia Network Research Sdn. Bhd. (ANR) is a Malaysian based research institute established in March, 1997 to study the social implications of Internet. ANR will promote appropriate use and diffusion of the Internet and encourage the development of Information Technology (IT) and communications industries in the Asia Pacific region.

ANR will focus on the end user: Our philosophy is "Using is Believing". With that in mind, we will help the IT business community in Asia to grow, including telecommunications companies, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), software and hardware vendors, and service companies.

ANR will also study policy and legal issues concerning the operation and use of the Internet, regulatory frameworks, content control, security, and other important social and cultural issues.

ANR will be more than a 'passive' research entity. We will actively engage in the promotion of the Internet in the region. In this context, we will work closely with other like-minded organizations and individuals. They include, but are not limited to, APNG (Asia Pacific Networking Group) , APRICOT (Asia Pacific Rim Internet Conference on Operational Technoloties), APPLe (Asia Pacific Policy and Legal Forum), PAN(Pan Asia Networking), and APIA (Asia Pacific Internet Association) .

ANR's base in Malaysia will provide a unique vantage point. The Malaysian government is deeply committed to the promotion of the "Multimedia Super Corridor" which aims to establish Malaysia as an advanced nation in the 21st century through the wide spread use of IT and multimedia. ANR will help companies planning to participate MSC initiatives by closely and accurately monitoring, analyzing and reporting the progress of this ambitious project.

ANR will also observe and report on other AP region IT initiatives such as Singapore One, APII (Asia-Pacific Information Infrastructure) and other national and international projects.


ANR is a registered company in Malaysia, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur and has a liaison office in Tokyo at GLOCOM (Center for Global Communication). ANR plans to have another liaison office in Singapore in the near future.



ANR is a small organization with 2 full-time staff initially, but our extensive external network of collaborating partner organizations and colleagues and widespread use of the Internet will allow ANR to function as an active research web throughout the AP region and beyond.



ANR has close working partnerships with:

ANR will also work with:

  • IDRC (International Development Research Centre), Singapore Regional Office

  • MDC (Multimedia Development Corporation), Kuala Lumpur

  • MIMOS (Malaysian Institute for Microelectronics and Systems), Kuala Lumpur

  • Promethee Institute, Paris

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